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Behind the fog by adrianismyname

i fell in love with your art and the heart and thought put into your art as soon as i saw one of your photos. they are absolutely stunn...



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Emma Damiao
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I have 3 main obsessions Lord of the rings, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.
I love to draw paint and take photos and hopefully i am going to start experimenting with film making. I hope to be a zoologist and a marine biologist, in Australia. I love old things and the history that goes with them. I also love to read manga! My favourite colour is green and my lucky number is 7!!

I specifically really enjoy animal photography
and occasionally i enjoy modeling
  • Mood: Flirty
  • Listening to: I hate - Passenger
  • Reading: Fire and Ice - Robert Frost
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Soul Calibur
  • Eating: Sushi

I ran up a couple flights of stairs and past the broken elevator to find my friend past out in front of her apartment door, confused I looked up to see that her roommate and left a tie hanging on the handle.

                "Ash! Ash! Wake up god!" she groaned as she slowly opened her eye lids. Before she had time to notice my arm I yelled, "I need you to take me to the emergency room now!"

                "Holy shit Jeremy! What the hell happened to you!?"

                "No time to explain, the land lord will kill me if I get any more blood on his floors!"

                "You are bleeding!"

                "I know and that's why I need you to take me to the emergency room!"

                Her brain had finally turned on and she got up rushing into her apartment grabbing her keys. She bolted out the door, pulling my arm as she raced down the stairs. She pushed me into her old shabby jeep. As we were driving down the taxi filled street she was dead silent. I didn't know what to think, should I have been happy she wasn't firing questions at me or terrified. Ashley was kind of like a mother figure in my life. She was 3 years older than me; she was turning 24 that upcoming summer.  I had known her ever since my mom died. I was never sure how she knew my mom, but she had said that my mom told her to look after me if anything were to happen. I glanced over at Ashley, trying to guess her mood. She was fairly pretty, in a natural way.  She had smaller pointy ears that were covered by her long chestnut hair. Her skin was pale, but flawless, no blemishes tattoos or piercings. Her eyes were small and fierce; they were as blue as an ocean. Ashley noticed that I was staring at her and that is when she started to demand answers.

                "Why the hell is your arm like that? Did you get attacked by a dog? Oh my god, you got into another fight again didn't you! You know what I've said about starting fights! Do you know what your mother would say if she were here right now?! She would tell you the same thing! And I don't give a damn about your thrill seeking! It is just going to kill you! And don't you dare say that's the point!" 

    Thank god we had pulled up to the hospital just in time, I wouldn't have to answer any of her questions or hear another minute of her lecture! She had practically dragged me into the hospital by the ear stretching it so it became even more pointed. I was seen right away and put into a dreary white room. A handsome doctor walked in soon after I had settled down.

    Ashley turned around and started to say, "Doctor my…" but she was cut off by his good looks and started to swoon.

    "Hi, so can you tell me what happened?" the doctor asked, as he wrapped up my arm in gauze.

    As I opened my mouth, Ashley broke out of her trance and said, "My idiot brother biked into a tree. Is there anything you can do?" I was shocked she had lied so easily. I wasn't really sure why she had either.

    "It seems he wills require stiches. If you would please come with me I can get someone to do that for you."

    "Thank you so much doctor! I was so worried it would be broken."

    "Not a problem."

    The doctor left and Ashley continued to stare blankly at my arm. Before I could ask why she would lie another doctor walked in and had taken me away. After I had gotten my stiches I met Ashley outside she was leaning against the jeep with a stern look on her face. We got in the car and started on our way home.

    Before I could ask her why she lied she said, "I have some urgent business I need to attend to. I'll be home around dinner tonight, I'll bring some Chinese. You can tell me what really happened then."

                "Ok I guess," I said, forgetting my place was trashed, "why did you lie to the doctor." Was that really necessary?"

                "He didn't need to know what really happened, and I had a feeling you would have lied anyway."

                I got out of the car and she sped off. Walking back into my apartment I notices it had started to smell. The blood stains from the boar had disappeared with its ashes, but my blood was still covering the room. The time was now 2pm, if she was going to be back by dinner I would have to start cleaning. It was more difficult with one arm than I would have imagined. I wasn't the handiest guy around so to fix the door I got out a roll of duct tape; of course it was only a temporary fix. The apartment looked clean enough by the time it was 5, and the open window ad wafted away most of the smell. I collapsed onto my duct taped couch to relax; it would be a couple more hours until Ashley came with dinner. Just as I started to drift off there was a knock at the door.

                I got up to let Ashley in, "Hey you are early aren't you? And you do know you don't have to knock…"

                When I opened the door though, it wasn't Ashley standing in front of me. It was a shorter girl who looked a year younger than I was. She was small, but not scrawny; she also had long dark red hair that was braided to the side so it rested on her chest. She had big shinning green eyes, and just under them freckles were lightly sprinkled over her pale skin. Her ears stuck out of her hair just like mine.

    "Well if I would have just barged into a stranger's house that wouldn't be very polite of me!" she stated proudly as she pranced in.

    "Um, I'm sorry, but just who are you?!"

    "Oh oops there we go again not introducing ourselves!" she chuckled as she plopped down on the sofa; laying her head back as she closed her eyes. She looked way to at home.


    "Yeah! My name is Alvara Ardhoniel Mutig. But just call me Ally and that's…. Oh where did he go?" Springing up she sprinted to the open door; where I was still standing shell shocked. "Ha-ha hurry up Jerry!" she yelled down the hall.


    "Just Jerry." A deep voice rumbled from a monster of a man, whose feet pounded as he shuffled into the room; ducking his under the 8ft high ceiling as he went.

    Ally started too rummaged through my fridge filling her arms with all she could carry. Looking up with her mouth already stuffed. She muffled, "you don't mind do you I'm starving!"

    "Do you guys mind telling me who you are?" annoyance was oozing off every word as I said it.

    "Oh, I'm sorry did Ashley not tell you we would be stopping…? Wait! I just remembered she told me to tell you she got held up with some stuff and that we were supposed to watch after you until she got back."

    "Hmph." Jerry grunted and nodded.

    "What stuff? I don't need you to look after me! I can look after myself perfectly fine thank you!" Before I could argue anymore she started to sniff around the room.

    "Tell me was it a demon like creature? Probably look like a… hmmm… over grown boar?"

    "What the hell…? How did you…?"

    "They have a very unique smell."  Jerry mumbled.

    "Just who the hell are you people?"

    "Well I am an elf warrior goddess!" Ally said proudly; Jerry growled at her. "Okay maybe not the goddess part… Jerry here is a warlock!"

    "HA! Like I could ever believe that! You guys are insane! I think you need to leave."

    "Alright, come on Jerry. Night."

    They both got up and left without any argument. Ally left a card on the floor by my door. It had no number, just an address. The address seemed strangely familiar like it belonged to a distant memory. Shaking off the déjà vu I plopped back down on the couch. A growling arose from my stomach; I realized how hungry I was it was nearly 1 in the morning. I moved to the bedroom deciding to forget dinner. As I lay in the dark I contemplated whether I was ready for this type of adventure; I knew I had asked for it but in the moment before my death, when my life flashed before my eyes, I felt this adrenaline screaming at me to live, to survive. 

Sherlock Holmes


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